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I 4got I had a blog. Havent updated it in 3 years almost…. Wowsers! I will do better…..


Allen Iverson

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How the fuck is Allen Iverson a free agent still with no teams having money to offer him? Miami is out as Pat Riley just basically said he is stayin pat until 2010.,0,5504062.story

Now a european team is after A.I with a $10 million dollar two-year deal.

Dogg, Ivo cant leave the states in top form, maybe in 3 or 4 years, but not now… and I cant see him in a Grizzlies uniform come October. I can, however, see Allen Iverson in a Bulls jersey and finishing in Mike’s house. Too bad the Bulls can’t see the shit.

Chicago Police Dept.

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Wow. Am I the only one with eyes?

I know where that stimulus package went — to the police. They got brand new police stations, cars, SUVs, uniforms, big ass gats….man…. I thought it was a recession for everyone – not 5.0, tho…

It pisses me off when I see a Sgt (white shirts) in a SUV ridin ALONE. Like, taxpayers foot the bill to fill up these Tahoe’s – then ONE supervisor rides around in the shit? Why do u need to be in a truck? Sgt’s arrive after everything is calm and cool, alone. They check the scene – then leave. There is no reason a Sgt should be in a SUV just riding around. That shit is the biggest waste of money — and they tryn RAISE taxes…Man, STOP WASTIN MONEY AND U WOULDNT HAVE TO RAISE SHIT !!!

i dont get it, joe.

White Castle

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Maaaaaan, let me get this straight – again — we made FUN of white castle burgers and called them Sliders cuz they gonna Slide out of your ass like oatmeal…. and now White Castle calls the burgers Sliders themselves? And people STILL buyin the shit??

Help me understand… They got commercials basically sayin “Get a 20 pack of diarhea for only…”


Death After Life…

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u make the world a better place with each person u help in any way…

yes, i wonder what the point is…and no one knows. we procreate so that one day a future generation might just answer that question and find out. If we die out – we will never know.

Or is that how we finally know?

Its a philisophical conundrum

Greatest Rap Verse Ever Written…

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I don’t like rap music really much anymore. I just like lyrics. Ain’t much lyrical content in rap. With that said, I was just smokin, thinkin…that Nas probably wrote the illest verse EVER on Raekwon’s Cuban Linx album [Verbal Intercourse prod by RZA]

Shit is prolly the sickest shit I ever heard on wax. Clean.

My President is Black…

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 I’m sad that my grandmother missed this day by less than 2 months. Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. WOW.


It’s still sinking in.


A nigga is in the white house. 50 years ago – we could not even VOTE. Now, we in the white house. WOW.

All that aside… I’m proud dualistically – First black dude in the white house, so now lil black kids and latino kids and indian kids is like “I can be President – for real”. That shit is dope. Pure dope.  #2 – he’s from Chicago, joe!!!


But, me being me, I cannot help but think — is this a set-up? I commend the dude Barack on gettin straight to the business and getting his cabinet ready and doin the thang cuz he KNOWS he’s under the microscope to an insane degree. On top of that, Bush was in for 8 years FUCKIN SHIT UP – so it’s a retarded task alone to undo 8 years worth of bullshit on 4 years. He was setup to fail in this thing. He was right, the election was cause for guarded celebration. It’s good, but it ain’t ALL good. It’s the beginning of the sickest shit since the Lincoln Administration when the slaves where set free. All uphill. Did they really want McCain to win? Was that shit the weakest Republican candidate or what? I mean, if they wanted to really challenge Barack, they wouldve put Condleeza Rice up for office or some shit. 

Chris Rock is an annoying mufukka, but he was on some shit with that Head of State flick. Shit is true to form. They tryna set it up so They take it back in 4 years…. but Barack is on top of the cleanup and knows the magnitude of what They have done this past decade, and that is impressive. It’s a setup and the Man from Illinois is AWARE of that fact.

I wanna play chess with Barack Obama. Best of 3. Just for kicks – to study the movements. The man is a chess player and I dig that, jack.


Fuck the fact that my president is black — my President is SMART. 

Intelligence is gangsta.